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[sumo-user] duaiterate.py drop via-information from trips

Dominik S. Buse
Dear Sumo-Community,

I have been working with trips that depart and arrive on the same edge,
but have one or more via-edges in between. This models something like a
delivery and ACTIVITYGEN generated quite a number of those.

Sumo itself and also duarouter can handle them alright. But when
duaiterate.py, the routes of such trips get reduced to a single edge
(the one with depart and arrival it) within the second step. To me it
looks like the via-information is only present in the trip, but no
longer (explicitly) in the route. So when the second duarouter iteration
reads the _000.rou.alt.xml file, the via-information is lost.

Is this intended behaviour or is there any good way around it? So far I
only managed to work around it by replacing each via-entry with a stop,
but that influences the behavior of the vehicle.

Kind regards,

Dominik S. Buse M.Sc.
PhD Candidate at Data Communications and Networking Group (TKN), TU Berlin, Germany
Researcher at Software Innovation Campus Paderborn, Paderborn University, Germany

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